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Nova Scotia is Canada's second smallest province, only half the size of the State of Ohio. Nova Scotia's varying landscape includes highlands, rugged fjords, rolling farmland, rivers, ponds and lakes. The fertile valley produces peaches, corn, apples, and plums in the summer and fall. The original inhabitants of Nova Scotia are the Micmacs; French and English settlers found them, and later on waves of immigrants came to the province. These included Germans, Highland Scots, blacks (as freemen or escaped slaves), Jews, Ukrainians, Poles, West Indians, Italians, and Lebanese. This varied heritage accounts for the varied food and festivals to be found within the province.

Halifax Harbour is the second largest natural harbor in the world. It was once a point of entry for immigrants into Canada and remains a busy shipping center. Other points of interest include Dartmouth, located immediately north of Halifax, Chester, Lunenberg, Kejimkujik National Park, Cape Sable Island, Yarmouth, and Cape Breton Island.

When dining in Nova Scotia, it is important to note that the Nova Scotian culinary industry has formed an organization called the Taste of Nova Scotia, which sets quality standards. Look for their symbol at restaurants: a gold oval porthole framing food and a ship. Nova Scotia has a few first class resorts, as well as traditional hotels, and exceptional bed and breakfasts.

Nova Scotia is bordered on the east and south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the north by New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, and on the west by the Bay of Fundy.

The mildest time weather-wise to visit Nova Scotia is June through September; this is also when you will find flowers in bloom, wine festivals, and the greatest number of available lodgings. Warm-weather activities include bird-watching, fresh and salt-water fishing, fossil hunting and Celtic music festivals.

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