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Prince Edward Island Map

Prince Edward Island is only 121 miles long and 38 miles wide, boasting warm hospitality, a laid back Island lifestyle, and the famous birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables, written in 1908. In addition to the charm and graciousness that welcomes visitors back year after year; Prince Edward Island also harbors more tangible products such as potatoes and lobsters.

Charlottetown is Prince Edward Island's oldest city; its waterfront home to Peake's Wharf and Confederation Landing Park, as well as small restaurants and retail shops. Other points of interest include Prince Edward Island National Park, Brackley beach, Cavendish (which is the setting for Green Gables), and Victoria, a charming village by the sea. The Kings Byway is a scenic driving route which follows the coastline of Kings County on the eastern end of the Island for 233 miles.

Seafood is always fresh and exceptional on Prince Edward Island. Bed and breakfasts are warm and welcoming. Almost every establishment on the Island is family-owned.

Prince Edward Island is bordered on the north by the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, on the south and east by Nova Scotia and the Northumberland Strait, and on the west by New Brunswick and the Northumberland Strait.

The mildest time weather-wise to visit Prince Edward Island is in the summer, but oftentimes the weather is spectacular in May, June, September, and October, with fewer visitors. Warm-weather activities include swimming, bicycling, golf and hiking.

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