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Yukon sign. Yukon sign. Alaskan Highway
Alaskan Highway near Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.
Yukon Quest 2006 Teamwork - Huskies racing during Yukon Quest 2006. Midnight sun Midnight sun, Yukon, Canada.
Yukon landscape Autumnal colors of paper birch and dwarf birch in the Yukon landscape. Landscape, Top of the World Highway, Yukon Subarctic landscape along the Top of the World Highway, Yukon.
Floatplanes on Schwatka Lake Floatplanes on Schwatka Lake, Yukon Territory Blue lake, Yukon, Canada A picture of a log home on a blue lake in the Yukon of Canada.
Gravel Lake on the Klondike Loop Gravel Lake on the Klondike Loop is an important wetland for migratory birds in spring and fall.

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